Sunday, March 27, 2011

Right to Vote?

Of course you have a right to vote, unless you're Black, or elderly, or least that's the way it is in Ohio .

"Ohio Republicans pass new Jim Crow law disenfranchising 900,000 voters"
by Bob Fitrakis

"While Ohio public employees' rights to bargain collectively are under siege, the Ohio Republican Party executed a perfect sleight of hand by disenfranchising nearly 900,000 Ohio voters. In the most vicious and direct attack on voting rights since Bull Connor ran amok in the deep South, Ohio House Republicans passed HB 159 that requires Ohio voters to produce one of four state photo IDs at the polls."


Then weep for our country.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Oh Barack, you do disappoint me.

What can I say after a couple of years spent waiting for "change"? I'd do better panhandling for some, than waiting for the reality of those bright promises that fell so earnestly from your lips as you wooed and finally won us.

We are being bashed to death by Tea Potty Turds, general vitriol spitting regular Right Wing Repulsicans of the Olde School...and there's dear Mama Grisly for a little spice if hemlock is your poison of choice.

God! Where do they come from? Are you a magnet for the lunatic fringe, or is it the fact you're so yielding where their demands are concerned?

You see, it's the yielding that gets to me. You are throwing away OUR ground.

I don't like the way you play footsie with the power freaks who are hellbent and determined to continue on in their Imperialist ways, and public opinion be damned. I don't like the tracks of inhumanity we are skidding along on these days, and I don't like the xenophobia we have given in to after so many decades of trying to level the playing field.

Didn't anyone tell you you're the boss of this place? Stand up and kick some ass, then go out and do a few things right, like getting to hell out of Haiti for one, and getting out of all this war for another.

Oh yeah, lest I forget to mention're a definite washout where the working man is concerned. We are the class that put you over the top and got you where you are. Remember us?