Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sisyphus Groans

As America is Sisyphus, George Bush is to America what the stone was to Sisyphus. Every time that man opens his mouth he embarrasses the entire country. He makes me want to vomit, with his phony down-home poorly fitted falsh teeth hick talk.

The man is a college graduate for crying out loud. I've heard him speak without a trace of this useful artifice which makes people feel at home with the idea of him.

Better to feel comfy with a barracuda.

The president of any country should set an example that can be followed with a certainty the citizens are emulating the best possible model, and that not only includes, but highlights speech.

Living George Bush down is like pushing a mountain out of the way every time you want to go to the bathroom. I have had friends whom I never imagined would make the statement after one of his infamous speeches, “ I am ashamed to be an American. Having a president like that man makes me feel ashamed.”

When this man speaks, he egregiously goes beyond the pale in toadying to the illiterate masses. His mere presence in the White House makes me recoil in disgust.

John Kerry went the way of all ambitious men, when he decided to become one with the common man, and began to talk just like George. What a shameful sham. Fie on him also. To emulate any one of these rotten-to-the-core political hacks is unforgivable, to select one who deliberately apes the illiterate in a country that is so undereducated, is unthinkable.

Just for the record, we do not, “wait on” an event. We do not, “wait on” a person, unless we happen to be waiters or waitresses. We wait for an event to transpire. We wait for a person.